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For our valued customers, SteamForce Restorative Cleaning Solutions provides answers for many of the Frequently Asked Questions that our customers have had.  Reading these questions will help you to know what you can expect during and after our services, and they will help you to know how you can best help us during the cleaning process.

Do you offer after-hours cleaning services?

Yes.  We offer cleaning services outside office hours, and Saturdays, as well.  However, we don’t provide services on Sundays.  We understand when our customers don’t have regular work hours.  As a service to some of our customers, we provide services when our customers aren’t home or after business hours and lock up when we’re done.

Do you charge by the room or by the square foot?

We typically offer our services by the square foot.  However, upholstery cleaning is determined by item and pet spot removal is determined by the amount and severity.  Charging by the foot is the most fair method for our customers, because there is no standard room size.  The flooring type, traffic space, and amount of furniture in the room are major factors that could cause you (the customer) to lose a lot of money to those who charge by the room, because they don’t account for the areas they don’t have to clean.  We even offer discounts for empty rooms and open areas.

How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

Carpets typically take 4-6 hours to dry.  Heavily trafficked and soiled areas take longer to dry.  Air flow is an important factor.  The best way to make your carpets dry faster is to create more air movement in the area with ceiling fans and HVAC systems.  The ideal drying temperature is between 68-70 degrees.  If it’s not too humid outside, and you’d like, you’re welcome to open your windows.

How long does the cleaning typically take?

For both tile and carpet, the cleaning process can take from 1 to 3 hours for a few rooms and from 3 to 6 hours for a whole house or office building, depending on the soil level and scope of work.  Please understand that we will not be in a hurry, and will work diligently to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the work.  After we perform our initial walk-through, we will give you a projected cleaning timeframe.

What furniture will you move?

We move or remove most furniture during the cleaning process with utmost caution.  We will use furniture glides or we will put the furniture up onto blocks.

We will move furniture like:

  • Chairs

  • Couches

  • Stands

  • Lighter tables

  • Small dressers

  • Lamps

  • Treadmills

We will not move:

  • Entertainment centers

  • China cabinets

  • Pool tables

  • Pianos

  • Computer desks

  • Heavy stone or glass tables

  • Antiques

  • Decorative art

  • Beds

  • Large dressers

  • Any other high-risk or expensive items

Is the cleaning safe for my employees, customers, children and pets?

During the cleaning process, some solvents that we use may be harmful, and it is best during the cleaning process, for those areas to be avoided.  These solvents will be neutralized and removed during the cleaning process.

After the cleaning process, the carpet will be damp.  Until the carpet and tile are dry, caution should be used after the initial cleaning, because when stepping onto tile after stepping on damp carpet or tile can cause someone to slip.  Otherwise, it is perfectly safe for people and pets to come into contact with the cleaned surfaces after the process is complete.  

Can I walk on the carpet after it is cleaned?

After the carpet is cleaned, it will only be damp, not wet.  It is recommended for everyone to stay off the carpet until it is fully dry.  This ensures the best results and prevents quick re-soiling.  If you must walk on the carpet while it is still damp, we recommend using only white socks, because colored socks may transfer their color onto the carpet.  When you let animals initially re-enter the cleaned carpet, we recommend wiping their paws.  

How long do I need to leave your protective pads or blocks under my furniture?

We recommend leaving the pads or blocks under the furniture until you are sure the carpet is 100% dry.  The tabs and blocks are there to prevent the furniture from staining or leaving rust marks on the freshly cleaned carpet, and to increase the drying time of the carpet beneath the furniture.  It is generally best to wait 24 hours.  Even when the top of the carpet feels dry, it may not be dry below the surface.

Does my floor really need to be professionally cleaned?

The reality is that traditional hard-floor cleaning methods, such as scrubbing or mopping, only push the muck around day after day. They have no way of cleaning deep down inside the pores of your grout, which can possibly be filled with grease, food decay, mold, mildew, bacteria and germs.  For carpet cleaning maintenance, vacuuming and standard carpet cleaning systems don’t remove all the soil, oils and biofilm that are trapped below the surface.  These elements create odors, not to mention how they affect the overall health and safety of your friends, family, employees and customers.

We encourage you to stop using all those counter-productive cleaners, tools and methods that just push the dirt, muck and germs around. Instead, our method of restorative cleaning will give you the superior results you expect in a very reasonable amount of time. It is the safest (for your surfaces), healthiest (for you and others), and most advanced cleaning solution you can invest in today!  We can provide on-call, as well as regular home and commercial maintenance for a reasonable rate that will keep you happy with your home’s look and feel.

Do I need more than a regular house cleaning service or janitorial service?

We work alongside your current cleaning service to offer your home and establishment an annual or semi-annual thoroughly restorative cleaning (and optional protection), giving your home and business a like-new appearance each and every time.  House cleaners and janitorial services cannot remove most of the soil, biofilm, oils and pet stains that are deeper and more difficult to remove.  Our services restore your tile, grout, carpets and upholstery to thoroughly look and feel like new again. 

We are here to serve you!  Please call or email our office today and schedule your free estimate.  Let the excitement begin!!

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