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  • Carpet Cleaning (hot water extraction or dry cleaning)

  • Pet Odor and Stain Removal

  • Spot Removal

  • 3M ScotchGard (helps protect against staining and premature wear)


Your Largest Air Filter is Your Carpet

Don’t wait until your carpets are dirty.  Call us today to have them cleaned, restored and treated!  Why do we stress this?  Did you know that your carpet is the largest air filter in your home and establishment?  Now, you are already changing your air conditioning filter every three months for several reasons – (1) to keep your HVAC running at optimal efficiency and (2) to keep the allergens and dust to a minimum so you can breathe and live better.  However, the bigger concern is that this is the first of three important factors that affect the cleanliness of your building’s air!

The second step is properly vacuuming your carpets.  We are serious about helping you stay healthier and keeping that multi-thousand dollar investment looking its best for as long as possible.  If your vacuum has a bag, it should be changed at 1/3 fill capacity, the vacuum air filters should be changed every 3 months, the vacuum belt should be replaced every six to twelve months, and finally, the brush roll should be cleaned regularly.  (If you can’t do that last step, we can do it for you when we are done cleaning your carpets.)

Finally, you should have your carpets cleaned once a year (at minimum) with a certified hot water extraction truck-mounted system.

The Necessity of a Truck-Mounted Cleaning System

Why truck mounted?  Great question!  Cleaning your carpets is similar to washing your clothes.  The idea is to emulsify the soil (get the soil suspended in water) to the point where it can be extracted.  Sounds simple?  Yes and no.  Most people can do a great job of getting their own surfactants (soap) or emulsifiers and suspend that soil themselves (via rental units).  But when it comes to extraction, the rental units and upright carpet cleaners fail, beginning a trend of future wear and tear, because your carpet gets dirtier at a faster rate.

Another advantage to a truck mounted system is that all the soil will be extracted if it is properly suspended in water.  What many people don’t realize is that the dryer that the carpet is left after the initial cleaning process, the more soil was extracted in the process.  This is possible only if the soil was suspended properly (note: dry cleaning your carpet is not nearly as effective).  The leading carpet manufacturers will tell you that hot water extraction is the recommended method to clean the carpet, in order to keep its warranty valid. So, the bottom line is that they don’t want you to have to replace your carpet.  They would like you to take care of it for the lifetime of your home or business.  Having your home or establishment professionally cleaned with hot water extraction every 12-18 months is recommended, and to have it done even more frequently for heavier trafficked areas.

This may seem very technical, but that last part is a very real situation in our day and age.  There are many truck mounted systems available that do an okay job of extracting the water they used to suspend the soil in your carpet.  This means you might have a cleaner carpet, but one that is not 100% clean.  In order to get your carpet its cleanest, you must find a professional that provides the strongest amount of vacuum and the best drying techniques.  Unfortunately, there are no real measurements to know for sure, but with the above cleaning theory stated, all you can control is hiring a professional who will do the job right every time.  And yes, that’s where we will serve you best.

A Happiness Guarantee

We have invested in the most advanced truck mounted power system available to clean your carpets, and not only that!  Our technique is the best in the industry!  Out of the thousands of homes and businesses that we have cleaned, we don’t have call backs.  We have a happiness guarantee, and we care greatly about our name and reputation.  We also understand that it’s not just our name on the line here.  We appreciate and believe that your happiness and success is foremost.  You decided to call us.  You decided to trust us.  You are the lifeblood of our company.

Have Your Floors Cleaned at Least Once a Year

Why once a year?  In some cases it might even need to be cleaned more often.  Starting with once a year is better than some people do now.  Even when properly vacuuming your carpets, there is only so much soil your vacuum can extract.  This means the sand that your vacuum leaves behind not only gives your carpet a dull look but it is wearing off the factory protection. When that protection wears out, then the carpet fibers begin to wear out.  This not only discolors them, but it leaves your carpet very vulnerable to future staining from foot traffic, spills and the like.  Not good!  Then, when you add your walking around barefoot and your pets, this only adds to the oily residue that attracts more soil to your carpet.  Now you have soil, mixed with oils, cooking smells, children, pets and air pollutants from outside air contaminants… WOW!  What a dirty carpet!  Having your carpet thoroughly cleaned at least once a year will remove these oils, and will drastically prevent your carpet’s wear.

  • Cleaning (hot water extraction or dry cleaning)

  • Pet Odor and Stain Removal

  • Spot Removal

  • 3M ScotchGard (helps protect against staining and premature wear)


Think about this: you or your customers get dressed for the day, you wear those clothes all day, then you sit down on your furniture.  You rub off a little oil, sweat, dirt, dust, on your sofa arms and seating.  The next day you shower, change your clothes and do it all over again.  But what have you done with your sofas and chairs that you’ve been getting oily and dirty?  Some have their furniture cleaned once a year, some every two years, and some have never cleaned their furniture at all!  We are not here to beat you up, only to get you thinking about a very simple neglected area.  Furniture should also be cleaned regularly, just like other surfaces in your building, and just like your own clothes.  We can help with this aspect of regular home and business maintenance, too.  We can restore furniture that some might think is beyond hope, at a fraction of the price of purchasing replacement furniture!  You will be impressed with our results.

We are here to serve you!  Please call or email our office today and schedule your free estimate.  Let the excitement begin!!

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