Joseph and Rachel Vardis

Long-time residents of Marion County, Florida, Joseph and his wife Rachel have been married since 1990 and have enjoyed raising six beautiful children in the instruction of our LORD Jesus!

Joseph’s early years began in his grandfather’s sew-n-vac shop, where he quickly learned the importance of selling what a customer needed and how to clean carpets.  His first job cleaning commercial and residential carpets was back with a well-known franchise in the industry that lead to him managing a huge state-of-the-art facility.  This included overseeing day-to-day operations and to provide quality training for over eleven cleaning trucks and their crews.

At this role, Joseph observed something vital.  Seeing how limited the proprietary cleaning solutions and equipment was for the client, Joseph began a journey to find innovators in the industry.  He searched for better floor cleaning alternatives.

Today, having worked alongside the industry’s best truck mount engineer, Joseph is proud to be using his pride and joy to facilitate the best cleaning solution money has to offer.  Bringing in over 22 years of industry knowledge, experience and expertise, we look forward to assisting you soon!

We cannot wait to meet that special someone who is looking for not only a service company they will come to appreciate and trust, but wants to build a relationship with a family who genuinely cares about helping them in some of their greatest times of need…yes, cleaning their surfaces!


Are we certified cleaning experts?

Yes indeed, and beyond!  Joseph, the owner, has not only worked in the industry since 1993, but he has also been IICRC trained for both carpet, upholstery, natural stone and tile masonry care.  What does this mean for you? Joseph personally trains all his staff in the care and maintenance of all your flooring needs.  He offers every customer the same optimum care that comes with certification, but so much more!


The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Is certification really necessary? In short, NO!!  But it’s not bad either.  It just feeds a money machine that has tried to establish a norm in a vast industry.  So, who certifies the certifiers?  Exactly!  No one.  There is no government agency that does.  So just because someone has a patch on his shirt, or has passed a written exam, it doesn’t really mean a whole lot!



Simply this, IICRC is limited in its training and can never offer its students the vast experience and expertise that a hands-on apprentice training program offers, like the one in which Joseph has all of his employees.  Apprenticeship offers all that IICRC offers and much, much more! We KNOW restoration cleaning!

We are here to serve you!  Please call or email our office today and schedule your free estimate.  Let the excitement begin!!